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                  Mpak Plywood Boxes
                  Compared with traditional wooden boxes, our Mpak plywood boxes are designed with thinner siding, lighter material, and a foldable design, meaning they have larger internal volume, fold up to save space when not in use, and can deliver crucial cost-saving when used for air transportation.
                  The Matrix Advantage
                  As an advocate of green packaging, Matrix offers not only packaging boxes, but also auxiliary packaging materials such as sustainable paper, foam, and other buffer products, ensuring that your goods are delivered safely and undamaged, and with a minimal environmental footprint.
                  Case Studies
                  Our deep experience in the packaging and logistics industry means Matrix can offer a complete and integrated set of packaging products suitable for many different industries. Come see some successful case studies from the Communications, Engineering, Solar Power, Medical Technology and Chemical industries.
                  +86-021-5717 0526

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